Monday, February 28, 2011


Guruji says: There is no problem that cannot be solved!!!

Someone says: I have a few I can give you. (Laughter)

Guruji says: When you have a problem and you think it cannot be solved, then you have accepted it then it is no longer a problem; it is a fact.

For example: Suppose you think it is a problem that the ocean in Norway is too cold. Obviously, you cannot heat the ocean. If it cannot be solved, you accept it and it's no longer a problem. Only when you are searching for a solution is there a problem and so there is no problem that cannot be solved. (Laughter)

The moment you realize there is no solution, a problem ceases to be a problem.

The solution is the tail of every problem.

Solutions come to you when :

You are calm and collected
You use intelligence
You are not lethargic but active
You have strong faith in Divine law

Kai says: If you don't want any problems, you can have a Guru.

Sheila says: If you want all the problems of all the people, become a Guru.

Tom says: Focusing on the problem alone, you cannot solve it. But, when you go step up to your real need, your real goal, to the higher Self, you find many solutions.


  1. 所以每次遇见古儒吉的时候,他总是那么悠哉悠哉,笑盈盈的。不论他有多忙碌,不论身边总是围绕一大堆的人求见,问问题。