Monday, April 12, 2010


古儒吉解说Patanjali Yoga Sutra时说,

Your mind keeps on asking questions why? Why? Why?

There is no why !

You know you had had this experience often,
oh! It is all my minds stuff.
That moment there is an alertness, an awareness that dawn.
Have you noticed?

You go on with the mind, galloping on the mind.
Why? Why?.. Why?
Suddenly for a moment “oh! It is all my mind stuff “
and that very moment there is relief from the mind, yes?

And more and more when you feel it is all minds stuff.
This is first step of labeling, “oh! This is all mind stuff “.
More and more you are aware of it,
and then that it is, it just vanishes,
that is abhyasa, this is practice.

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